rotary die cutting tool maintenance

2023-07-13 11:53:56   Hadesheng   View: 1747

Good machine needs a good tool.  Using advanced CNC machine to make rotary tools , if you don’t know how to maintain it , that is useless.

If you want to extend the life of your rotray tools,increase machining efficiency,and reduce processing costs,then you need to konw the following tips.

About transportation

1 You need to choose the right size,strong box and pack it separately.

2 Spray anti-rust oil to your rotary tools.

3 Wrap the foam on the surface of your rotary tools.

4 The shaft ends at both sides of the rotary tools need to be fixed by the support blocks respective to prevent the die cutter from being displaced in the box during transportation.


Instructions for use

  1、When you  installing or disssembling the rotary tools ,you need to cover the surface of the rotary tools with foam or cloth to prevent the blade form being damaged.

2、When you installing other components, it is mecessary to prevent the parts from loosening and falling onto the rotary tools,otherwise it will cause serious damage to the rotary tools.


3、When die-cutting,it is necessary to apply pressure equally, from shallow to sleep ,while adding the side to see the die-cutting effect,  once the desied depth of cut is reached,the pressurization is stopped.

 4、If the cut becomes light after die-cutting, the pressure is again equalized. This not only ensure the die-cutting effect,but also extends the life of the rotary tools.

  5、Don’t not directly add to the maximum pressure during die-cutting,otherwise it will have a great impact on the life of the rotary tools。


  About maintenance

1、When cleaning the rotary tools,be careful that the brush or scrubbing cloth used must not have iron fillings,hard particles,etc.,

Otherwise the blade will be damaged.

2、During use,be sure to keep the roll shoulder clean and use a special roll shoulder to wipe the felt.

  3、Drip an appropriate amount of oil every day to keep the surface of the roll shoulder and bottom roll clean,and form a thin film of oil between the two to improve the wear resistance of the roll shoulder and bottom roll surface.


  About storage

  1、Choose a cool, dry place to store the rotary tools.

2、Spray anti-rust oil to your rotary tools.

3、Use the specially box to store the rotary tools to ensure that the blade doesn’t touch with other item in the box.

  4、The rotary tools are completely wrapped with a special pad colth or foam,and the support block in the box must be supported on the shaft ends at both ends of the die cutter and can’t be supported on the blade to prevent damage to the blade.