Technical points | | Look at the manufacturing process of playing cards

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China is the world's largest producer and exporter of playing cards, with an annual consumption of more than 1 billion pairs of cards. Poker has a broad mass base, which is easy to carry, preserve, reuse and spread. In addition, the ultra-low cost brought by industrial mass production, and the media characteristics of advertising poker pictures are more and more clearly revealed. Compared with newspapers, magazines and television media, the unique advertising effect of poker is recognized and adopted by more and more enterprises and institutions.

As far as its form is concerned, poker advertising, like train advertising, online advertising and other forms of advertising, is just a way of transmitting information, a medium between advertisers and audiences, and its result is to achieve certain commercial or political purposes. Poker advertising is indispensable in countries with rapidly developed economies. Of course, as a special product of modern human life, poker advertising has different opinions. However, we should face up to the fact that more and more poker advertising applications are seen inpeople's daily life, such as wine poker, cigarette poker, etc.

However, a small card has evolved over the years to become today's exquisite sheet product. The birth of the card starts from printing. A large format card is printed with the required content, and then the printed card is put into a single sheet sheet machine for die cutting to get a small card. The precision of card die cutting depends on the single sheet feeder. Due to the unbalanced economic development, the traditional single sheet feeder has a large regional demand difference. The traditional single sheet feeder has many disadvantages, and its precision has been lingering and its speed has been difficult to break through. As a result, the demand for intelligent and automatic equipment continues to expand. With the increase of market demand, the single sheet feeder also gradually improves the past drawbacks.

The sheet fed machine independently developed by HADESHENG is used to print the whole sheet, die-cut it by detecting the position, and then sort it into a single sheet fed product. The equipment can provide uninterrupted feeding (the feeding platform is divided into main pallet and web pallet. When there is a certain amount of material left, the web pallet extends to hold the material, and the main pallet drops to the low point. At this time, the material can be loaded manually, but the equipment can continue to work); The die cutting tool blank is changed, and the station frame telescopic device is used to extend the entire die cutting station from the side, which is convenient for manual tool change; The driving wheel is used to discharge the waste edge, which can discharge the waste in the opposite direction; The overall equipment is modular design, and the material receiving part can replace the functional modules according to different customer requirements.

HADESHENG single sheet sheeting machine can not only be used on playing cards, but also die-cutting various self-adhesive stickers, wine labels, clothing hangtags and other products. For special clothing hangtag products, HADESHENG has also developed a small hole waste discharge round knife mold. On this basis, the equipment can also complete stacking collection, thousand leaf wheel collection, or belt fish scale collection. In order to complete the minimum 2.5mm small hole waste discharge (without secondary processing, the final state of the product is directly formed after the sheet die cutting, and it can be directly used after the tag rope is tied).


Information shows that in Europe and the United States, advertising poker has accounted for more than 30% of the total poker sales market. It is understood that China Unicom, Coca Cola, Minsheng Bank, China Netcom, LG Electronics, Microsoft, Great Wall Lubricant, etc. have used advertising poker to introduce themselves to consumers and achieved good results. As a result, the application scope of poker advertising has also been greatly extended. In recent years, the giants in real estate, tourism, machinery and chemical industry, tobacco, alcohol, household appliances, financial securities and other industries have also turned their attention to poker advertising, the most expressive advertising medium in this sub media! It can be predicted that with the future development of the industry, poker advertising will continue to expand to all major cities and fields across the country.