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Shenzhen Hadesheng Precision Technology INC.,LTD

Hadesheng is a manufacturing company specializing in providing complete solutions for the die-cutting industry. Since 2004, it has been committed to becoming a global cooperation partner in the development, manufacturing, sales and service of precision rotary die cutter , automatic rotary die-cutting machines and automation equipment.  It has established production and R&D bases in Shenzhen, Dongguan, Beijing, Suzhou, Chongqing, Quanzhou and other places, with more than 500 employees, providing personalized and comprehensive services for electronics, printing and packaging, RFID, medical, sanitary paper and new energy industries.

Adhering to the spirit of continuous innovation and development, Hadesheng has introduced a large number of R&D personnel with professional skills and rich experience. Up to now, the R&D team has more than 200 people, independently developed and manufactured multi-type, multi-station, high-precision rotary die-cutting equipment. And a variety of high-precision die-cutting tools, obtained a total of 251 invention patents, utility model patents and software copyrights. And has won the "Shenzhen high-tech enterprises" and "national high-tech enterprises" honorary title.


Enterprising · Persevere Enterprising

Hadesheng Precision Technology has been growing in adversity, no matter how many difficulties and challenges it encounters, it resolutely overcomes and completely surpasses it. This "perseverance" spirit of struggle is the precious spiritual wealth of Hadesheng Company, and it is also a prominent symbol of the company's corporate culture.Therefore, no matter how big challenges and technological changes are encountered in the future, the Hadesheng people will also maintain their original intentions, move forward courageously, and forge ahead.

  • 1) Dare to fight Hadsheng people never fear any challenge. From market to sales, from product to R&D, from quality to service, we will strive to be the uppermost in every link, exceed the limit, and return the trust of customers with impressive first-class results.
  • 2 ) Strive to make progress we will not be satisfied with the current achievements, our next step will definitely be better!.We have formulated a very high corporate vision and goals, and at the same time, we have put forward higher performance pursuits to a wider market. We not only need to rapidly expand the wide application of existing scientific and technological achievements, but also we will continue to create world-class new scientific and technological achievements to repay the society.
  • 3 ) Working together Because of unity, friendship, mutual trust and mutual assistance, as well as the common pursuit of the cause, all Hadesheng people united together and continued to grow and develop. In the future, we will still stick to it. With a more humane working environment and a more humane management system, Hadsheng will become everyone's Hadesheng, and a Hadesheng who serves customers wholeheartedly.

Innovation · Market-oriented innovation

From the beginning of its establishment, Hadesheng Precision Technology has been leading the development of the industry with innovative technology. Through market-oriented proactive innovation, we have become a veritable complete solution provider in the industry. This not only provides customers with comprehensive products and technical services efficiently, but also opens up new technological space leading to the unlimited market in the future. Innovative technology is our eternal cornerstone and pursuit now and in the future.

  • 1) Exceeding expectations-We adhere to the market-oriented principle, through forward-looking thinking and borderless innovation, with proactive innovation enthusiasm and rigorous thinking logic, and through practical technical results, we provide customers with far more Expected product and service system.
  • 2) Cross-border thinking-we will effectively learn the world's cutting-edge scientific and technological achievements and assist new research results in various edge disciplines, create a scientific research system belonging to Hadesheng Company, serve customers with innovative technology, and strive to become a world-class company for the benefit of society .
  • 3) Set small wins into big wins-the development road of Hadesheng Company is also the road of many people of insight and technical experts side by side. Our innovative technology comes from the mental dedication of every employee who loves Regardless of any link in technology, technology, process, management, etc., every innovation and every patent constitutes a "leading die-cutting package". Part of the program. In Hadesheng, everyone has the possibility to become an expert, as long as you want!

Quality · Quality for excellence

Hadesheng Precision Technology has always regarded quality as the company's lifeline. Through several years of hard work, Hadesheng has become synonymous with high quality, and has become a golden sign in the hearts of customers. This is the glory of all Hadesheng people! In the future, we will uphold this attitude of excellence in quality, and let our quality management system become a symbol of the highest domestic and international quality, and even become the industry standard setter.

  • 1) Infinite pursuit-our pursuit of perfect quality is infinite, constantly surpassing, and constantly subverting. Let customers truly feel the huge production benefits brought by 100% satisfactory quality!
  • 2) Trustworthy-We will further strengthen the internationally leading production system and quality management system, and win the customers' thorough trust and sincere respect through continuous and stable high quality.
  • 3) Bravely assume responsibility-we will always maintain a customer-first attitude, actively discover and respond to customer feedback, and provide efficient and perfect solutions.

Service · Complete Solution Service

Hadesheng Precision Technology has positioned "a complete set of solution-based services" as the company's core driving force and vision for the future. With integrated forms and solutions of the international leading technology level, we will try our best to provide customers with the best service experience of "integration of sales and service" and "integration of design and manufacturing". This will be our long-term persistent endeavor.

  • 1) Overall thinking-we will take the standard of becoming a world-class enterprise and pay close attention to the development of the world's cutting-edge technology,
  • 2) Enhance value-we will carefully study the needs of customers, and strive to provide suitable and implementable solutions in every link, and ensure that customers get the best operation with consistency, continuity, and long-term reliability effect.
  • 3) 24-hour service-we promise to provide each of our customers with the best pre-sales, in-sales, and after-sales services, and serve every customer with enthusiasm, not only the "integration" of products and technology Comprehensive service is also an "integrated" service to ensure the safe operation of facilities. We will always listen to all your suggestions and start to solve them within 24 hours.

"Hadesheng" brand mission

Persistent technological innovation leads the development of the international high-end die-cutting industry.

brand mission

Customer first
Honest service
Keep making progress