See how RFID tags penetrate daily life

2022-11-09 11:21:09   Hadesheng   View: 1883

Recently, a high-tech express station has become popular throughout the network. When your mobile phone number is entered, your express will light up. Netizens have said: It is recommended to popularize it nationwide!


This technology, called RFID flash electronic tag, is based on the traditional RFID electronic tag. It adds LED lights. It not only has the function of ordinary RFID tags, but also flashes when the tag is positioned, allowing users to identify items more intuitively, enabling LED lights to quickly locate the product position, and helping to quickly and timely complete the picking operation. RFID lighted electronic tag is a breakthrough technology, RFID electronic tag can identify a single very specific object; Data can be read through external materials; Multiple objects can be recognized at the same time; The amount of information stored is very large. RFID flash electronic tags integrate chips, antennas and LED lights, but the label is still as thin as paper, supporting personalized printing and code assignment, and the light is clear and visible.


Taking advantage of many characteristics of RFID electronic tags, Hadesheng RFID tag high-speed composite die-cutting equipment is suitable for composite die-cutting of different electronic tags. The stable production speed of multi-layer material composite die-cutting and three tool sleeve die-cutting can reach 100 meters/minute. The equipment has a unique overall frame design, which ensures the stability of high-speed production while reserving sufficient expansion space.


Hadesheng RFID tag high-speed composite die cutting equipment can cut and paste independent four rows of Inlay at the same time, and it is also applicable to multiple materials. The minimum dry Inlay cutting jump distance can reach 12mm. At the same time of standard production, we can also choose to add a variety of defective product detection devices according to different process requirements of products, and realize the identification or elimination function.

Applicable scenario: 

RFID flash tag express management. RFID flash electronic tags are attached to the express package. When the receiver enters the pickup code or mobile phone number, the tag light will light up, and the receiver can accurately see the items he has purchased in the vast express.


Cable management:

RFID lighted cable tags integrate LED lights on RFID tags to quickly locate and find the designated cables in the complex management of computer room cables. RFID lighted cable labels support printing, quick inventory, accurate search and lighting, solving the pain points of traditional cable management.


Archives management:

In the application of RFID archives management, RFID solves the problems of rapid inventory, loan and return management, authority management, etc. The application of UHF luminous electronic tags solves the problem of "how to accurately find the desired files in the dense archives?" The problem of. The system lights up the corresponding luminous tag of the required file, which can quickly locate the corresponding file at a glance.


Asset management:

The application of UHF luminous electronic tags in asset management can not only realize the rapid inventory of traditional RFID, but also realize the rapid one-to-one matching of asset inventory and search. For metal instruments, equipment and other assets, anti metal luminous electronic labels can be used.


 As well as storage management, power management, jewelry management, retail management, etc. in other industries, due to the significant differences in demand and use conditions in different industries and application scenarios, different requirements are put forward for the performance and form of labels, which accelerate the penetration of our life and work.