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Consumer electronics industry solutions

icon Consumer electronics industry solutions

From smart phones to PCs and tablets, from home appliances to wearable devices and VR, consumer electronics have penetrated into all aspects of our daily life. Relevant data show that the volume of the global consumer electronics market has reached US $800 billion and will expand further in the futu...
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Printing industry solutions

icon Printing industry solutions

The printing industry is a very complicated industry. It not only has many internal subdivided industries, but also involves many related industries. It can be said that it is a huge industry system. At the same time, it is also an industry system with a long history. Since the invention of printing...
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Solutions for medical dressing industry

icon Solutions for medical dressing industry

Common products of medical dressings 1. Stickers: Creative stickers, infusion stickers, etc; 2. Traditional materials: absorbent cotton gauze and vaseline gauze; 3. polyurethane foam / film dressing, alginate dressing, hydrocolloid dressing, hydrogel dressing, carbon fiber dressing or composite dres...
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Solutions for household paper industry

icon Solutions for household paper industry

With the upgrading of national consumption, more and more household paper is widely used, and the production process requirements of these products are more and more strict. The die-cutting knife developed by hadesheng for domestic paper products has high precision and good stability. It can realiz...
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New energy industry solutions

icon New energy industry solutions

New energy vehicles refer to vehicles with advanced technical principles, new technologies and new structures that use unconventional vehicle fuels as power sources (or use conventional vehicle fuels and adopt new on-board power devices) and integrate advanced technologies in vehicle power control a...
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Internet of things industry solutions

icon Internet of things industry solutions

The Internet of things (IOT) refers to the real-time acquisition of any object or process requiring monitoring, connection and interaction, and the acquisition of sound, light, heat and...
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