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High Speed RFID Label Converting Machine

Cutting ProductsThe writing and testing of RFID tag program involves various industries such as electronics ,logistics ,clothing,ETC, anti-counterfeiting , traceability and other industries.

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1.Speed: Four rows of INLAY Trans-laminating, three tool die-cutting speed of 100 meters.

2.Tolerance: INLAY Trans-laminating is less than ±0.5mm; Die cutting ±0.2 MM.

3.Detection: Label detection, the RFID reader has detection chip function,detection of defective products which is accurate elimination in the next process.

4.Material receiving: 1. Sheet materials: tags, card tickets and other products can be collected,count and divide by set amount, sorted and packaged automatically, which greatly reduces labor cost and makes it easier to discharge materials in the next process of reading and writing; 2. Coil material: multiple rows, cutting and receiving, independent servo control, constant tension, to ensure the uniform winding of each coil product, no damage to the inner chip.

5.The equipment meets the requirements of single, double and four rows of triple die-cutting, which can meet 99% of the current mass production in the market. With strong expansibility, it is reserved for special products (flexible label, double row and multi-row INLAY independent Trans-laminating function, only the mechanical parts can be added and changed). The equipment meets the flip and folding process.

6.The equipment is equipped with a servo floating bar mechanism, which can effectively control the material drawing for self-adhesive labels, achieve the purpose of stripping the bottom paper for reuse,effectively reducing costs and reducing downtime, reducing product defects, and improving production efficiency and yield .

7.Quick refueling (humanized design of equipment size, quick loading of discharging shaft without squatting), quick adjustment (the equipment has equipped with multiple automatic correction devices of feeding platform to quickly find correct position and reduce defects), quick alignment (real-time scanning of multiple high-precision sensors to quickly adjust the errors caused by refueling and printing).



Maximum running speed(m/min) 


Maximum roll material width (mm) 


Maximum roll material diameter(mm) 


Maxi   mum roll material weight(KG) 


Maximum width of Glue coating(mm) 


The pace size for Dry inlay

12mm – 200mm, 且小于材料跳距

The cutting precision for Dry inlay(mm)


The trans-laminating precision for Dry inlay(mm)


Double-layer printing products laminating precision(mm) 


Die cutting precision (mm) 


Machine size (L*W*H)(mm) 


Equipment weight(T) 


Rated power(KW) 


Rated voltage(V)