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High-speed RFID Label Code Writing &Reading Testing Equipment

Cutting Products

RFID label procedures writing and testing , involve various industries such as electronics , packaging , daily chemical , medicine , food , stationary , logistics ,clothing and other industries.

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1.Self-developed control system,function can be developed oriented.
2.It has process parameter storage function, easy access to procedures.
3.The traction station is controlled by servo,and the auxiliary shaft for receiving and unloadingis controlled by torque motor,with high synchronization precision and adjustable speed.
4.This equipment has intermittent feeding mode and continuous feeding mode, can be switched according to the different reading and writing methods.
5.Piece counting,meter counting alarm shutdown function,can automatically control the equipment to stop according the set amount.
6.Each receiving and unwinding shaft has a one-key start/stop button,which is more convenient for operators to change materials.
7.It has safety protection function; it can automatically stop the operation when approaching the dangerous area of the equipment, to protect the human safety. (optional).
8.Automatic deviation correction device (to ensure material stability and prevent abnormal stop of reading and writing code caused by material deviation in the detection process) 
9.The device has the functions of reading code, writing code and locking code. Visual detection one-dimensional, QR code characters can be read, and there is no need to add additional equipment. 
10.Defective products carbon label/defective products shaving platform, two treatment methods, more humane, more efficient. 
For special material equipment, it has ultrasonic cutting function, which is more extensible and can meet customers' subsequent product demands in a more comprehensive way. 
11.The product can be automatically collected sheet, coiled material collection.

Cutting Products

RFID label procedures writing and testing,involve various industries such as electronics,packaging,daily chemical,medicine,food,stationary,logistics,clothing and other industries.



Equipment model


Maximum material width(mm) 


Maximum coil diameter(mm)


Camera field of view(mm)


Tag skip(mm)


EPC code writing speed

420 pcs/min (24位)

Machine size(约)(mm)


Operation mode


Adaptive material

Rolled electronic labels (adhesive labels,Wet inlay,etc.)

Rated power(KW)


Rated voltage(V)