New energy industry solutions


New energy vehicles refer to vehicles with advanced technical principles, new technologies and new structures that use unconventional vehicle fuels as power sources (or use conventional vehicle fuels and adopt new on-board power devices) and integrate advanced technologies in vehicle power control and driving.

With the popularization of new energy, the application of new energy battery is more and more extensive. Battery refers to a device that converts chemical energy into electrical energy through electrochemical reaction between positive and negative electrodes.

During charging, electric energy is converted into chemical energy for storage.

During discharge, chemical energy is converted into electrical energy and released as power supply for electrical appliances.

Active material: electrode material that can carry out oxidation or reduction reaction to generate electric energy and store chemical energy during battery charging and discharging.

Lithium ion battery refers to the secondary battery in which Li + intercalation compound is positive and negative.

The cathode adopts lithium compounds LixCoO2, lixnio2, LixMnO2, LiFePO4 and ternary composites.

The negative electrode adopts lithium carbon interlayer compound lixc6.

In the process of charge and discharge, Li + is embedded and de embedded back and forth between the two electrodes, which is vividly called "rocking chair battery".

When charging the battery, Li + is removed from the positive electrode and embedded into the negative electrode through electrolyte, and the negative electrode is in a lithium rich state.

It is the opposite when discharging.

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