The Internet of things exhibition is over!

2021-11-11 14:59:13   Hadesheng   View: 2769

The three-day 16th International Internet of things exhibition ended successfully. In this exhibition, Hadesheng popular products attracted the attention of many friends, the process technology demonstrated to you was highly praised, and an endless stream of visitors visited and consulted.

As one of the most potential information technologies in the 21st century, RFID technology is also used in a wide range of fields: logistics, warehousing, library, etc access, banking, medical and health care, retail goods, clothing, food services and high-tech electronic products.

Hadesheng RFID tag high-speed composite die-cutting machine won the iote 2021 gold award again after the last most influential innovative product RFID Production Award,
The iote gold award is aimed at "promoting the most representative and innovative Internet of things products to stimulate enterprises to make greater contributions to the cause of the Internet of things and realize an innovative society with intelligent things",

Campaign for annual representative products and enterprises, and award medals to encourage enterprises to innovate and develop and jointly promote the prosperity of the Internet of things industry.

Successful conclusion

From acquaintance to reunion and from Reunion to separation, we only make better preparations for the next farewell. The 16th International Internet of things exhibition has been successfully concluded,
Thank you to every friend who has traveled thousands of miles to the scene. Hudson would like to thank you again! On December 7-10, Shanghai international label printing exhibition, we'll see each other!