For Label & Package Industry

2018-Jul-22 1350

For label printing industry, it is an ideal option to use our magnetic cylinder and flexible die. Magnetic cylinder can be repeatedly used, you only have to change flexible die when die-cutting different sizable labels.

In package printing industry, our male-female paired embossing cylinder, single embossing cylinder, foil stamping cylinder, creasing cylinder and insert rotary die are ideal for the process of piggy back, foil stamping, creasing and die-cutting of cigar box, wine label, beer label and liquid package.


Our magnetic rotary die-cutting machine, also called single sheet material die-cutting machine or tag making machine, is made up of 5 units including feeding, operating, die-cutting, waste removal and final produs printing paper products in short run. The speed of feeding, die-cutting and waste removal can reach up to 45 meters per minute and the production speed can reach up to 4,800 pieces per hour.