Method to measure the gap of magnetic cylinder.

2018-Jul-22 1157

For a high-quality cutting result, the gap of magnetic cylinder is very important. The gap here is the distance between the magnetic cylinder (magnetic zone) and the anvil cylinder at normal pretension.


As a matter of preferred practice, you should have the gap of all cylinders checked by Hadesheng representative. However, for short-term problem solutions, you can carry out a quick check on your own. For this, you will need nothing more than some special cleaning agent, flux-free tin solder and a digital micrometer (with an accuracy of 1/1000 mm). In case of deviation we recommend that you inform your responsible Hadesheng employee, who will provide you with suggestions for what to do next. When you measure the gap, please follow the steps as below:


Step one: Remove material and flexible die.

Step two: Set pressure.

Step three: Clean surfaces thoroughly.

Step four: Cut off 3 strips of tin solder (thickness 1 mm).

Step five: Pass through the strips two times.

Step six: Measure the strips on five positions.

Step seven: Record results and report them to Hadesheng.

Step eight: After measuring, oil for protection.