Several methods to assess die-cutting quality.

2018-Jul-22 1147

In die-cutting industry, how to assess the quality of a die-cut has become a big challenge to customers. Here we introduce you to several methods you can use in daily practice.


One is performing an ink test. Apart from visual checking of obvious defects with regard to the dimensions and quality of the outer contours, what is known as an “ink test” is often used in practice to discover any damage to the silicone layer and the liner material. When you apply this method to your products, you can follow the steps as below:


Step one: Strip matrix and detach labels

Step two: Apply ink to liner and rub in evenly with a cloth.

Step three: If cutting has gone too deep, clear outline will now appear.


The other method is light reflection. An ink test, as used with paper liners, can not meaningfully be carried out with PET liners since the material is not absorbent. The only remaining option is very careful visual checking of the material, in which liner markings can be discerned by means of light reflections against a dark background.


Besides the visual inspection, a “snap test” is also carried out in practice to check the stability of the liner.