How to aquire optimum cutting result?

2018-Jul-22 1113

In the cutting process the question is not only to detach the face material cleanly, detaching the adhesive layer is equally important so as to achieve optimum matrix stripping. The following figure is a typical structure of a self-adhesive labeling material.

The silicone layer and the liner material must remain undamaged, however. Cuttings in the liner are quality defects which can lead to quality problems in further processing labels (e.g. in dispensing machines).

1. Up to the silicone layer (√)

2. Lightly into the silicone layer (√)

3. Right through the silicone layer (×)

4. Adhesive penetrates the silicone layer and enters the liner (×)

“√” means OK while ×” means quality defects.


Moreover, no adhesive may leak from the sides of the labels. If the layers in label roll stick to each other, considerable malfunctions can likewise arise in the dispensing of the labels.