For Consumer Electronics

2018-Jul-22 1354

For consumer electronics industry, we have standard rotary die-cutting machine from 3 work stations to 20 work stations, satellite module rotary die-cutting machine, printer in-line rotary die-cutting machine. These machines can do the functions of laminating, die-cutting, asynchronous laminating, processing procedures registration, etc.

And our precision rotary dies, such as solid rotary dies, pin-eject rotary dies, vacuum rotary dies, air-eject rotary dies, are widely available for die-cutting applications in many industries, such as mobile phone, computer, LED screen, digital camera, etc.


And our precision laminating and testing equipment, such as automatic laminating machine, graphite laminating machine, automatic punch-laminating machine, laminating and punching machine, protective film laminating machine, net material laminating machine, net material testing machine, etc., have different positioning methods, such as mechanical positioning and CCD visual positioning, and different methods of unwinding, rewinding, picking up and trans-laminating.


Our automatic equipment is designed according to modular idea and makes the function of testing after laminating come true. Testing data and equipment working conditions can be uploaded and saved so as to realize the data management of Industry 4.0.